Burda International - develop a culture of innovation | Network Perspective
Burda International PL / Media group present in 18 countries - content created by Polish branch of Burda reach 23 mln people every month.

Develop desired culture in a small group then spread it up

Burda International PL is a Polish media group with some well-known magazines such as Elle, National Geographic and FOCUS. But not only that. Burda in Poland transforms itself into a new media group by investing in new technologies connected to the fashion. Best known example is Showroom a platform that brings together polish fashion designers to offer their clothes to the clients.

The company constantly strives to develop in the area of digital technologies, while valuing its own long-standing publishing tradition.

Network structure & culture

How develop the culture of innovation in a company with such a long and strong publishing tradition? Burda has faced the challenge with Network Perspective.

The culture is created in values, common practices, shared information and experience. In a company with 25 years of publishing tradition, employees have huge experience. Naturally promoted are rather proven than new practices.

Hence, to make the change happened evolutionary, it’s worth to develop culture of innovation in a small group then spread it up. And after this small team develops something in a small scale, you might want to spread it up. How?

Imagine, you have the first product invented and the team organize people from around the company to work on this product in a larger scale. They organize a new team and teach people how to manage and develop the product and how to work in a completely new, innovative way. So launching a product they build a new team and spread the culture of innovativeness within it with experimentation and validation.

The effect? The change was designed to happen evolutionary rather than revolutionary.